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Outfit your living room with wholesale leather furniture from Furniture Now located at 102 Huntoon Memorial Hwy. Rochdale, Massachusetts. You can find the same leather furniture you'd find in retail stores for true wholesale value or less. Also, we sell quality mattresses, bedroom sets, dinette sets, and Coaster® products at deep discounts.
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Customer Testimonials



"We have 3 cats and this Claudia ii leather couch has been a life changer! 

We bought this couch in May 2016 and have had it for about a month now. We love it!!! I wanted to wait to leave a review to see how it would hold up and it is doing great! 

My husband and I had been searching for a new sofa for a couple of years. I've been scouring Craigslist on the regular and then I came across a listing for a Claudia ii couch from Furniture Now. I called the number and Bruce, the owner, picked up. I've called with questions a couple of times and each time Bruce picked up the phone. He is great at answering questions. My husband was working, but I was determined so I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to come for a ride. We decided to make a day of it and stop by Ikea as well. I rented a U-Haul and off we went. 

We arrived at the address and walked inside. We were greeted by Bruce. He knew why we were there, but he still asked if we saw anything we were interested in, and not in a pushy way, more in a inquiring way. The showroom is full of stunning couches, I would have loved any one of them in our place, but I was set on the couch I picked. Bruce said that my couch was at their warehouse just 2 minutes down the road. No to be overly dramatic, but a girl has got to be careful... We thought, warehouse... two ladies, can we trust him? We know how to protect ourselves and I REALLY wanted that couch, so we said, lets do it! The answer is yes, you can trust him. He really put us at ease when he began to share about his own two girls, he is clearly a very proud dad :)

The warehouse is exactly that, nothing fancy, but for storage it really doesn't need to be. When you walk inside you will see an ocean of couches, sofa chairs, love seats and even some mattresses. They were all really enticing, so much so that my friend is now considering buying one from him. Bruce showed me the couch. He had a few of it in stock and even went to the extent to unwrap some for me to let me pick which one I wanted. I was a little surprised that the cushions are attached to the couch, I wasn't sure that I was going to like that. So far the cushions are holding up great and they aren't sliding around, I think it's okay that they are attached.  

I can say nothing but good things about my experience with Bruce and his business Furniture Now. I felt really comfortable buying from him, I wish every buying experience was like this one. I am so happy with my purchase that we are definitely going to him for a new mattress.

New Leather Couch vs. Cats - Our Experience:

We were nervous about buying a leather couch because we have 3 cats. They have some Maine Coon mixed in them and are really large kitties. The fur was the problem for us, it is actually the reason we considered buying leather. Our last couch became the larges pet bed we ever owned. It was a huge, soft, cushioned, and had a soft microfiber feel material. Even with pet couch covers and large microfiber blankets, the fur was a nightmare! We have purchased a lifetime worth of lint rollers, but they were never enough. Keeping fur off the fabric was an everyday job and having guests over was just embarrassing. 

I read quite a few blogs and the general consensus was that cats do not like the feel of real leather on their claws; it's too smooth for them. Keyword "real" leather -- they love tearing up the fake pleather stuff.

With the new leather couch there is no fur to be cleaned up. It saves us about 15 minutes of lint rolling and washing blankets a day. Our cats are SUPER cuddly cats and love to jump up when we are there, but they don't go on it when we are not around.  

Our cats actually treat this couch so much better than our last couch; they don't use this one as a scratching post. We keep their claws clipped and they are great with it. Right in the beginning one of the cats tried to see if she could jump up on the back ledge, they used to lay on the back ledge of our old couch. Well she failed and left a 3 inch scratch. It being less than a week old, I was so upset and though what a mistake we made getting this couch. But we rubbed it a bit and now you can't even see it. And a if a little mark is left, it won't bother us because real leather, being the hide of an animal, always has some natural markings."

-Jeanett L.


"Bought a leather sofa in dead of winter, February 2016. Was very happy with it in the beginning, until we noted one leg looked a bit off kilter. But we continued to use the sofa knowing at the strong recommendation of the vendor, since there was no store warranty (these are odd job sofas), we'd bought an add-on insurance policy to cover the sofa.

When the leg began to give way in April 2016, we contacted the insurer who, at first, was not helpful. Telling us to contact Furniture Now. 

Contacting Furniture Now, they said for us to recontact the insurer. We did. Repeatedly, spending an estimated 4 hours off and on phone with insurer to get this fixed. Long story, and since this is not about the insurer--I'll cut to the chase. The insurer had a repair person come and fix the sofa. The repair person removed the clearly cracked wood under the sofa and replaced that. After he was done, I asked if it would hold up, he paused. And said, he didn't think so.

So we put a up negative review on Yelp, given we didn't feel comfortable our purchase of the sofa. It seemed we were stuck.  

Then Furniture Now leadership learned of our review and our issue, and IMMEDIATELY jumped up and worked with us to solve the problem to the best of their ability. This after the man in charge who called us had foot surgery, must have taken some effort. 

Not only did Furniture Now offer to replace the sofa with a similar model by same manufacturer (list priced in the store $200 more), a sofa that was slightly larger sofa, but they also ate the delivery cost of delivering the new sofa (and at the same time picked up the damaged sofa.) Before the sofa came, they emailed photos of the wood under the sofa...the wood that no one sees, that is under the cloth covering. 

They couldn't have been more responsive. No one ever questioned the issue, and given we are both average sized, no one ever blamed us for the damage of the first sofa. It appeared to be there when bought, and was under the cloth covering under sofa--so invisible. 

So we are both very happy about our purchase. And with the lightning fast response by Furniture Now to rectify the problem.

Things happen in any business, but the sign of a reliable store is when it jumps in to FIX the problem. That is where the cream rises above the swill, as Furniture Now did."

-Candace D.


"After looking for furniture at all the usual places, I came across furniture now. Not only was their selection and quality of furniture outstanding, the help I received from Scott in choosing the right set for me
was a breath of fresh air.
He was a pleasure to work with and showed great patience and never felled rushed or pressured into a sale. After the purchase the delivery was on time as promised. Logan  and his help were more than professional and took great care in moving and setting up the furniture. 
I've never left comments before but felt in this case the experience I had deserved to be mentioned.
I plan on referring my friends and family as well as returning myself for future furniture. 
Awesome prices and even better services."

-Gary C., Revere Ma.


"We found a Craigslist ad for a brown leather Clyde tufted sofa.    It looked good and we drove 50 minutes west to see it.  It was a gamble that paid off.  The sofa was brand new.  It was new and priced $999 marked down from the Macy's price of $2999!  

Furniture Now stores their leather sofas, ottomans and chairs in a big unheated old mill building.  They have some others a mile away in a trailer type building.  If you visit the mill building in winter, wear warm clothes.  Bring a flashlight to accurately see the color of the furniture and feel free to take a cushion outside to see the real color which is what we did before buying.

They recommended delivery by Braveheart Moving.  Brad is the owner.  He charged $150 to deliver the very large sofa to us which was a great deal.    Brad did a great job setting up the sofa and removing the packing material.

If you're up for an adventure and want to save a lot of money on leather furniture.  Check this place out."

-Ira H.


"Happy with my purchase. These items are priced lower because they are factory seconds or have some sort of issue from delivery. I am happy with what I paid for. It's important to unpackage and know what you're buying but they are exactly what they say they are. If you are expecting five star service with a big box return policy then look elsewhere. If you want a good deal on scratch and dent stuff they are a great value."

-Jim L.


"long story short, i wanted a $5,000 leather sofa for the Maine house but didn't want to pay. looked and looked till i stumbled upon a craigslist ad. huge selection, over 60% off Bloomies or Macy's prices for stock with negligible imperfections. owner's son Brad runs a delivery service that also picked up a shitload of stuff from my Boston apt and trucked all to Maine for a reasonable fare. thought you should know about these guys."

-Mike G.



"I wanted a quality leather reclining sofa and loveseat and found the perfect set at that big department store that does the balloon parade except for the price. Then I found Furniture Now. They had several sets of the same furniture. Scott, the owner, arranged for air freight from MA to CA. The furniture arrived in about a week in perfect condition. Even with the airfreight, we saved $1400 over the big department store's 30% off sale price. Just enough savings to buy a giant TV and surround system to go with the new furniture. I couldn't be happier. Great prices, nice people and great follow up."
-Chris P.